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05th May 2016

Cyborg’s latest Ronda Rousey zinger is mercilessly harsh

Mercilessly harsh

Ben Kiely

Either Cyborg is a comedic genius, or she’s hired the Brazilian Daniel Tosh to write her gags.

For years the big debate in WMMA was who was the P4P queen of the sport – Ronda Rousey or Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino.

It was a fight that never happened, but everyone wanted to see. Unfortunately, due to Rousey’s disappearance from the sport after losing her title to Holly Holm, and Cyborg’s inability/reluctance to cut down to bantamweight means we may never see the match-up. However, at least we get to enjoy the trash-talk between the two.

With 13 of her 15 wins coming by way of knockout, Justino is widely considered to be the most devastating striker in WMMA. As we saw in her loss to Holm, striking has never really been Rousey’s forte, but she more than made it up for it in the past with her judo and submission prowess.

During a recent interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, Justino, who’s set to make her UFC debut in a 140 lb catchweight contest against Leslie Smith at UFC 198, managed to work in a wee pop at Rousey’s sub-par stand-up skills.

“Ronda always runs away from me. I saw her shadowboxing at the beach and her shadow won.”

Why, whatever do you mean, Cyborg?

Ronda Rousey boxing

Oh wait, we think we see what you’re saying now.

Rousey shadow boxing

Click snap