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28th Mar 2018

Conor McGregor’s message to Ronda Rousey hit its mark

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Ben Kiely

Conor McGregor

When it was announced that Ronda Rousey had signed for the WWE, Conor McGregor had a message for her.

Reporter Adam Glyn was the first man to get Conor McGregor’s take on Ronda Rousey moving into the world of professional wrestling.

When asked about the high-profile transfer, McGregor had nothing but respectful things to say about the former UFC women’s bantamweight queen. He looked straight into the camera and wished his fellow combat sports superstar well on her new venture.

“She’s a pioneer for the game, and she’s come through it all and faced big wins and big, big losses, and she came through it, and it’s great to see her represent herself and mixed martial arts and have fun in WWE. I know she’s been a big fan of it through all her life, and it’s great to see that.”

Rousey is currently on a media tour to promote her WWE career. She was asked about McGregor’s well-wishing by ESPN. When it came time to give her response, she took a breath and a wide smile washed over her face.

“I love Conor. He’s awesome and he’s always been great to me and he has my utmost respect as an athlete and as a man. I appreciate him always being so respectful back to me. I just wish nothing but the best things for him.”

“He took so much weight off of my shoulders as well. I owe a lot to Conor. Anything that he wants to in life, I hope everything works out for him. If he never wants to fight again, if he wants to hang out at home with his family… anything he wants to do. If he wants to become a master blueberry grower, I hope that he has the greatest blueberries that ever happened. I love Conor.”

These two have nothing but respect for each other.