Conor McGregor's nutritionist on how to lose that Christmas belly without losing the muscle 6 years ago

Conor McGregor's nutritionist on how to lose that Christmas belly without losing the muscle

George Lockhart knows his stuff.

The former marine has worked with some of the top UFC stars over the past few years and has gained renown for getting them in top fighting shape.


Lockhart has worked closely with Dustin Poirier and Justina 'Cris' Cyborg in recent years and he was Conor McGregor's diet guru for his UFC 202 and 205 bouts.

Lockhart often gives dietary and fitness tips to followers on the Tristar YouTube page.

For the festive season that is in it, Lockhart offers up a fantastic tip to all those people that want to keep the muscle while shifting that stubborn gut/belly.

In response to a query from a "skinny fat" fight fan, Lockhart said:


"A lot of people call it spot reducing. Unfortunately, everybody has fat cells and a different amount of fat cells.

"Some people, for example, have more fat cells in their triceps and their hips. That is way a woman is basically designed, for the most part. Most guys have more fat cells in the abdomen region.

He added, "There are often increased amounts of cortisol [a stress hormone] found in certain individuals. It has been sown to increase the amount of belly fat in some people. If this is something you can address, then that is one solution.

"Some things that increase that inflammation [of cortisol] are things that we eat. One if those things is Omega 6. Your body needs this and it is an essential fatty acid, meaning my body can't produce it on its own. I have to produce it, meaning I have to intake it through food or supplementation.

"The average person gets about a 15:1 amount of Omega 6 to Omega 3. You need to get that at 2:1....

"To get rid of that inflammation, you have to take in an equal amount of Omega 3. You've got to clean that system out."

So, Omega 3. The best source of this is seafood, namely fish.

Mackerel and salmon are best but you can also take flaxseeds, walnuts, cod liver oil and sardines.

Not very festive but it should help in reducing the size of your belly.


Clip via Tristar Gym