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07th Dec 2015

Conor McGregor reveals his unusual training routine

The Notorious also reveals his plans to move up a weight

Robert Redmond

“I hate routines. I train when I feel like it.”

Conor McGregor has revealed his unusual training routine in the build-up to UFC 194. The Interim Featherweight Champion was speaking to British publication GQ Magazine and told interviewer Alistair Campbell that although he trains extremely hard, he does not have a set routine.

“Sometimes I train in the middle of the night, all on my own,” the 27 year old Dubliner said.

“Can’t sleep, don’t want to sleep, get up, go to the gym, work. This is early for me, being here at half ten in the morning, this is really early, and I’m only here because I screwed up yesterday and kept you hanging around.”

“Other times I’ll call up my wrestling coach, or my jiu jitsu coach, or my deep-tissue guy, and want to really focus on one part of what I do.”Conor McGregor poses with fans at the event 7/11/2015McGregor, speaking ahead of this weekend’s unification bout against Jose Aldo in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, also spoke about the benefits of yoga, and how he plans to move up in weight and claim another world title.

“I train in all these different disciplines. I do yoga. People think it is easy, just touching your toes. It is hard. But I tend to go with my own flow. It’s back to the movement thing.”

“I feel it when I need to train, and I do what I feel I need to do. And when I am in the run-up to a fight, I am really at it the whole time, might be getting my weight down to meet the limit for the division.”

“Soon I am moving up and I am going to be champion in the next one too.”