Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz rematch finally has a new home 6 years ago

Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz rematch finally has a new home

Third time's the charm.

It looks like Conor McGregor will be getting the welterweight do-over against Nate Diaz.


The rematch was initially scheduled to headline the landmark UFC 200 event, but the fight was scrapped after the Notorious refused to show up to a press conference promoting the card. However, the UFC and McGregor in particular have made it very clear that despite that speed bump, they want this fight to happen again.

MMA Fighting broke the news that take two of UFC 196's PPV-smash hit was close to being finalised for UFC 202 on August 20 in Las Vegas, during UFC 199's preliminary card.


The negotiations for the second fight have been dragging for a while now and it was thought that Diaz had been holding up proceedings after Dana White revealed his meeting with the Stockton native in his stomping ground didn't exactly go to plan.

Seemingly, they managed to work things out as the UFC confirmed the rematch would be going down at UFC 202 during UFC 199's main card.


August 20, folks. Mark the date!

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