Conor McGregor had some very kind words to say about Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier 4 years ago

Conor McGregor had some very kind words to say about Nate Diaz and Dustin Poirier

The Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz rivalry is on ice... for now.

Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz returning? The last quarter of 2018 is going to be big business for the UFC.


First up UFC 229 sees McGregor try to reclaim his belt against the self-proclaimed 'Floyd Mayweather of MMA'. 'The Notorious' will attempt to become the first man to defeat Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 on October 6. So far, 26 men have tried and failed to solve the Nurmagomedov conundrum.

Then, on November 3, Nate Diaz returns to fight Dustin Poirier at UFC 230. The lightweight contest will serve as the co-main event for the promotion's annual Madison Square Garden show.



The beef between McGregor and Diaz is up there with most entertaining in MMA history. It has blessed us with phenomenal zingers.

"Playing touch-butt with that dork in the park."

"Nate can only count to five."

And so on, and so forth. However, while promoting his upcoming fight, McGregor took some time to promote that of his arch-rival. At the UFC 229 presser, he had some very kind words to say about former foes Diaz and Poirer.


"I think it's going to be a great fight. Two amazing fighters. Nate Diaz is as tough as they come. Dustin Poirier took that loss on the chin, came back, has showcased mental strength and has had some great, phenomenal fights inside the Octagon. I'm very, very much looking forward to it. We'll see what happens. I wish both men the best of luck and we'll see."

Either man could be next in line. However, for now, the trash talk battle has reached a ceasefire. Right now, McGregor has another fight to sell.