Conor McGregor calls out Chris Jericho over 'Champ Champ' claim but Y2J wasn't having it 3 years ago

Conor McGregor calls out Chris Jericho over 'Champ Champ' claim but Y2J wasn't having it

"Move along, junior"

Conor McGregor has found himself at odds with WWE legend Chris Jericho after congratulating Becky Lynch on winning the Raw and Smackdown women’s titles in the Wrestlemania main event.


Lynch beat former UFC star Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair, daughter of wrestling legend Rick Flair, in the match, meaning she now holds both of the WWE's women’s titles.

Congratulating fellow Irish star, Lynch, and hinting at the possibility he could join the WWE, McGregor wrote on Twitter: "Congrats to Irelands Becky Lynch, the WWE’s first Champ Champ. Wow!

"What a match these ladies put on! Ronda Rousey is something special in that ring, as is Charlotte Flair of the Flair dynasty!

"Stephanie McMahon you are right, I could not do what these athletes do. Or could I…"


However, fans were quick to point out that the WWE's original "Champ Champ" - or as it was known back then "Undisputed Champion" - was Chris Jericho who became the first person to hold the WWE Championship and WCW Championship simultaneously back in 2001.

The backlash led to McGregor claiming that Jericho's stint as a unified champion didn't meet the criteria of a "Champ Champ".


He responded: "One of these is a WCW belt. Both belts must be won under the same organization and both titles must be fully unified also. Interim titles do not make the cut. The belts must also be held consecutively. This is for true “Champ Champ” status."

But Jericho then pointed out that by that criteria he was a "Champ Champ" as he won the WCW title while it was being competed for in the WWE, following the early noughties "Invasion" storyline.

Y2J wrote: "Thanks for the explanation of the rules Champ Champ. But Both belts were won under the same organization, on the same night. Now quit being a mark and move along, junior."