Controversial UFC star explains his beef with SBG 5 years ago

Controversial UFC star explains his beef with SBG

Colby Covington talks crap about absolutely everybody.

In this regard, the folks over at Straight Blast Gym don't have to be worried about Colby Covington singling them out.


Even if the UFC welterweight was picking on them, the Irish martial arts gym proved on Sunday that they are more than capable of dealing with his trash-talk.

When Covington tried to take a swipe at them following Artem Lobov's loss to Andre Fili in Gdansk, SBG delivered a knockout blow with their sharp as a tack response. In terms of Twitter beefs, it was a 10-8 round, if not a 10-7 in favour of the Irish.


This wasn't the first run-in Covington has had with SBG. He infamously vowed to 'bury Cathal Pendred like the British buried the Irish' in a hugely controversial social media rant back before The Punisher retired from the sport.

With repeat shade being aimed at the gym, he was quizzed on the MMA Hour about his problem with SBG. His answer was exactly as layered as you'd expect it to be.

"I just think they claim to be bigger than they are. They claim to be the best gym in the world and everybody knows that American Top Team is the best gym in the world. Let's just make that clear."

"They're not winning fights. They haven't won a fight in years. I can't even remember the last time they won a fight in. I think it was Conor about two years ago, but besides that, they're not winning any fights and they're claiming to be the best gym in the world. If you're going to claim these unlawful lies, then I'm going to call you out on it."

Too many flaws with that answer, not enough time.