Chael Sonnen storms out of MMA Fighting interview ahead of Bellator debut 6 years ago

Chael Sonnen storms out of MMA Fighting interview ahead of Bellator debut

Chael Sonnen vs. Tito Ortiz in 2017. Who'd have thunk it?

Bellator! Bellator'd have thunk it.


Over three years since Sonnen took part in his last MMA bout, a TKO defeat at the hands of Rashad Evans at UFC 167, 'The American Gangster' is set to return to mixed martial arts.

Sonnen will compete under the Bellator banner for the first time in his career as he clashes with former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz in the main event of Bellator 170.

The meeting of two of the most polarising fighters in MMA history has, if nothing else, shown off the gulf in trash-talking ability between the two men as Sonnen has repeatedly made Ortiz look like an amateur when they've crossed paths on the microphone to promote Saturday night's card.


And while both men made a career out of embracing the role of heel for fights, both men are struggling to get a foothold in that position ahead of this weekend.

Sonnen's latest bout of appearing like the bad guy came in an interview with MMA Fighting which saw the 39-year-old bring a premature end to the line of questioning and storm out (skip to 6:45 below to see the tension).

Sonnen didn't appreciate being asked about the new rule change with regards to what constitutes a grounded fighter, nor did he enjoy the follow-up about his close friend Randy Couture, and he told MMA Fighting reporter Marc Raimondi what he thought.


"Let's move on, this is stupid. Go! Something else!" Sonnen started.

"Don't edit that out. Don't be one of the scumbags that edits that out. I said your question was stupid. Put that in there.

"My wife is filming back here and she will put it out if you don't.

"I'm letting you know now, whatever chicken. Give me the fucking microphone!"


And that was that! Like a ghost, he was gone.