Brendan Schaub on potential McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov fight taking place in Dublin 3 years ago

Brendan Schaub on potential McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov fight taking place in Dublin

Conor McGregor has not fought in Dublin since July 2014.

We are just over a month away from Conor McGregor's re-appearance in Brooklyn to face up to charges stemming from his attack on a bus carrying several UFC stars and staff at the Barclays Center.


UFC president Dana White has said he will wait until the courts have their say on the matter before deciding if 'The Notorious' should receive any additional punishment.

Former UFC star Brendan Schaub finds it funny, however, when some MMA fans claim McGregor's punishment should be to fight reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is Russia.

"Oh, you mean exactly what he wants?" Schaub began.

"You mean the biggest fight of all time in UFC history? In Russia. Hostile territory. Can you imagine if you were able to pull that victory off? Would you just have to buy Mars and live there?! The amount of money and fame he'd get would be insane. If you guys think it's a punishment, you're viewing this completely the wrong way."

Schaub believes Nurmagomedov will face one of three high ranked lightweights in his next outing - Kevin Lee, Dustin Poirier or former champion Eddie Alvarez. Tony Ferguson is out recovering from knee surgery while Nate Diaz, who is mooted for an August return, could come back at welterweight.

After Nurmagomedov defends his belt for the first time, Schaub believes McGregor should then be clear of his legal issues and free to come back. As for where that fight would take place, the 'Below the Belt' host feels Vegas and Russia are top of the list but he is not ruling out Dublin.


The New York State Athletic Commission's ruling on McGregor's part in the Barclays Center bus attack, Schaub feels, could yet have a huge bearing on events. He suggests that they could 'throw the book' at the Dubliner and suspend him from fighting in the state for two years. Other commissions, such as California and Nevada, could follow suit in a show of support.

"Russia don't give a f*** about the commission," Schaub added.

"They've got to make fights. Conor's not getting any younger and neither is Khabib. This fight is hot right now so do you listen to New York? Do you really care what New York does to him?

"If you're going to do this fight internationally anyway... his next fight is going to be international or in Vegas. Vegas don't give a f*** about New York. You'd do that all day.

"If I had to bet on it, Conor to fight Khabib in Vegas, Dublin or Russia. If I had to put a lot of money on it, I'd say Russia."

Schaub touched on Dublin a second time during his talk on McGregor's return bout. He believes that, at a maximum, McGregor has three fights left before he steps away from the UFC - Nurmagomedov, Diaz and a possible bout with Georges St-Pierre.

Even since he defeated Diego Brandao at a UFC Fight Night event, back in July 2014, McGregor has spoken of a return to Dublin. It would be a stretch to think the UFC would be willing to put a massive push behind a fight in his home-town after his recent run-ins with the promotion.