Artem Lobov snaps at Paulie Malignaggi after presser skirmish 3 years ago

Artem Lobov snaps at Paulie Malignaggi after presser skirmish

Former UFC fighter Artem Lobov has said that former welterweight world champion Paulie Malignaggi is a scumbag for spitting on a mural of teammate Conor McGregor.

Lobov will fight Malignaggi for the first time at their Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 6 showdown on June 22. Lobov fought Jason Knight in a gruesome main event at Bare Knuckle FC 5 on April 6 and he will square off again with Malignaggi, who clashed repeatedly with Conor McGregor before his fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2017.


Malignaggi recently spat on a mural of McGregor in a video shared on social media channels and Lobov said that he can't wait to put the New Yorker away when they fight.

“Look at this guy; he’s a loser," Lobov said in an interview with MMAJunkie.

"He spits on people’s work. He spat on a mural, someone’s passion, someone’s hard work. Now again, what kind of behaviour is that? That’s not human, human-like behaviour. This guy, he is just, no respect, no nothing. So I can’t wait to put him away from the fans. Everyone in the world wants me to kill this ****.

“I don’t give a **** what he’s trying. I think he’s just him being him, a dirty ****. I bet you his own mother hates him.”

Former UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schuab said that the bare knuckle fights are tough to watch and that it's hard to call the event sport given the levels of brutality involved in each contest.

"This is why you can't do no gloves, his face is so f**ked up," Schuab said of Lobov's fight with Knight on his Below The Belt podcast.

"This is coming from a guy that fought in a steel cage, it's also a little tough to watch. It doesn't seem like a sport any more. It's almost like I'm watching World Star Hip-Hop with guys with skills."