Ali Abdelaziz reveals what he said to Conor McGregor to spark such a strong reaction 4 years ago

Ali Abdelaziz reveals what he said to Conor McGregor to spark such a strong reaction

It's safe to say that Ali Abdelaziz won't be making Conor McGregor's Christmas card list this year.

If you're wondering why people rave about Conor McGregor's abilities as a promoter, look no further than the comments he made about Ali Abdelaziz at the UFC 229 press conference. No fighter in UFC history has done this amount of research into their shit talk. 'The Notorious' did some serious digging for what Dana White called, the darkest press conference I had ever been a part of'.


After doing the obligatory staredown with Nurmagomedov, McGregor went after Abdelaziz.

"Shut your mouth, Ali Abdelaziz! Mad terrorist. Terrorist snitch. I know a lot about you as well, you mad rat! I know a lot about you as well. You keep your mouth shut, kid. Let me take my picture. How's Noah? How's Noah? Huh? Yeah. Shut your mouth! Never speak about me ever in your life. Watch yourself around me because you'll be out of here quick."

"Fuck you! Fool! Don't come at the king. Don't ever come at the king."



The spark

Abdelaziz revealed to Anatomy of a Fighter what he said to cause such a strong reaction from McGregor.

"I just said why he have belt. That's it. I said that. Why he have belt?"

This appears to be partially true. Although Abdelaziz was a little more harsh in his tone. You can hear him faintly say in the official clip,


"Get that shit out of here," before the audio trails off.

Once McGregor starts spitting venom with his acerbic tongue, he could be heard responding with a few 'Fuck you's. Dana White, who had just warned the media to stop antagonising the fighters, shook his head. A grimace washed over the UFC president's face as he gestured to Abdelaziz to get out of there.

Ali Abdelaziz

Khabib appeared to see the funny side of the situation.