Fantasy Cheltenham League is the only way to separate the spoofers from the experts 2 years ago

Fantasy Cheltenham League is the only way to separate the spoofers from the experts

Brought to you by Horse Racing Ireland

As the Cheltenham festival nears, the 'experts' emerge from the woodwork.


There's nothing like that famous week in March to draw the sunshine followers, the spoofers, and the know-it-alls. They may not have seen a horse since the same time last year but for one week in March, they let on to be Willie Mullins' right-hand-man. Usually, they get away with it.

On the hallowed turf, they're joined by the diehards and the martyrs who've been there through thick and thin but on the biggest week of all, they blend into one.

You can talk about bets, tips, and inside scoops all you want, but really and truly, the only way to separate the spoofers from the actual experts is with a Fantasy League table that challenges your knowledge for every single race of the festival.

No let-up. It's a test of both staying power and expertise and In the Green Corner, Horse Racing Ireland is running a novel Festival Fantasy League for which each contestant picks one horse for every single race at the festival. You can sign up here. The spoofers can only bluff so many times because lightning rarely strikes twice and they'll be found out here.


As well as an overall prize for the winner, there will be small daily prizes for the 4 daily winners to make sure to spread the prizes out. Once the winner is declared at the end of each day, the daily winner will receive that day’s prize.

  • Overall winner’s Prize: Exclusive Yard visit to the yard of a top Irish Trainer as well as a Horse Racing Ireland Jacket
  • Daily Prize 1: Tour of the Irish National Stud
  • Daily Prize 2: Luxurious food hamper
  • Daily Prize 3: HRI Goodie Bag
  • Daily Prize 4: Signed silks from an Irish Trainer

Points will be distributed for winners, placings and by the end of the week, the certified experts will stand alone. Their grasp of the game unrivaled and unchallenged, their crown awaiting on the top of the Festival Fantasy League table.


Competitiveness aside, there's something in this magical mid-March week for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're betting or not because you can just pick out a winner for the same amount of pride.

For Ireland it's even more special as our top trainers, jockeys and breeders go toe-to-toe with the English and usually come out on top.

Let's hope for more of the same!

This year we will be watching the Cheltenham festival from home in the ‘Green Corner’. Make sure to follow Horse Racing Ireland on TwitterFacebook & Instagram to keep on top of all the Cheltenham Festival news and stories from the Irish corner ahead of the annual pilgrimage to Prestbury Park.