WATCH: The most awkward piece of television ever inspired by Matt Kuchar 5 years ago

WATCH: The most awkward piece of television ever inspired by Matt Kuchar

"Kuch, Kuch isn't speaking too much"

The American golfer Matt Kuchar was out on the Erin Hills golf course on Wednesday fine-tuning his pitching game prior to the second golf major of the year, the U.S Open.


Sky Sports reporter Andrew Coltart was out roaming the course, with the aim of receiving a quick word from some of the world's top golfers.

It was only Wednesday, after all, the competition hadn't even started yet.

Surely the golfers will be in a relaxed mood, you would've thought. They'd have the majority of their preparation done and they'd have no bother having a quick word with media.


Coltart eventually reaches Kuchar on the 15th hole, and proceeds to ask him a question about his approach to the hole.

"Matt, what about you, are you going to take this one on?"

No response from Matt, he's focused on his ball, he's hitting his shot.

He'll reply when he's hit the shot, right?



Kuchar proceeds to hold his follow through on the ball for at least ten seconds. He keeps his eyes firmly fixated on the flight of the ball and doesn't even glance in the direction of the restless reporter.


It's a tough one, in fairness.

The last thing a golfer wants is a distraction when they're hitting their ball. We've seen it on numerous occasions in golf competitions in the past where so much as a flinch from a spectator or the flying of a bird provokes an angry reaction from a golfer.

The game is all about focus, they say.

On the other hand, however, this was a practice round, and you would expect a golfer would be more relaxed.

Twitter has made their mind up on Kuchar, and it's fair to say he hasn't won himself many admirers.