"You've probably had a few 15-second experiences yourself, Wooly" - John Heslin 10 months ago

"You've probably had a few 15-second experiences yourself, Wooly" - John Heslin

John Heslin is in relaxed form.

You'd think the Westmeath superstar would feel some sort of weight on his shoulders given that he's carrying the can for his county at present and, now, he's leading St. Loman's into the Leinster club football final on Sunday,

There's pressure on him to deliver but, every game, he delivers.

That's why he's laid back about the challenges ahead and that's why he's able to turn a pre-game interview into a bit of craic.

On The GAA Hour this week, the Lake County man proved a brilliant listen on all things from football to cattle.

In an interview with host Colm Parkinson, Heslin was asked about the players Loman's have acquired from outside of Westmeath.

Wooly: I can’t let you go without talking about your imports because we talk about Vincent’s and we know Dublin club football gets loads of players…

Heslin: I thought you were talking about my cattle imports. The fucking cattle I’m after buying. You’re talking about people, is it?

Wooly: We’re talking about people, yeah. The people you’ve trafficked from Offaly to St. Loman’s.”

Heslin: Trafficked!!


After a considered response to the realities of lads no longer living at home, the full forward/half forward/midfielder went on to rib one of the 'imports'.

"I wouldn’t say that we went parading through Offaly looking to see who wanted to sign for the club," he said.

"If we did, we probably would’ve picked a better player than Gareth Hickey anyway."

Then he was asked to talk through that stunning goal against Tyrrellspass. Hesling caught the ball from the throw-in, he went straight through and ripped the net. 15 seconds of magic.

"You’ve probably had a few 15-experiences yourself, Wooly… in the football pitch."

Listen to the full interview below from 32:37.