YouTube subtitles for Kerry vs. Clare preview are hilariously all over the shop 2 years ago

YouTube subtitles for Kerry vs. Clare preview are hilariously all over the shop

"May have been Cork or Kerry" = "May have been car can carry"

The accents are not even that thick but whoever was looking after the YouTube subtitles for the Munster Senior Football Championship previews - and particularly one for Kerry versus Clare - was in way over their heads.

Players from Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford and Clare gathered at Bunratty Castle in late April to do some promotional and media work ahead of this summer's championship.

Kitted out in the county gear, the five lads struck a few dozen poses before getting down the the 'Ah, sure, lookit' business of previewing the upcoming matches.

All was going well until Munster GAA uploaded the videos and the captioning for YouTube did not fare so well.

Take, for example, Kerry's Fionn Fitzgerald looking ahead to his side's semi-final date with Clare.

"Over the last number of years, it traditionally may have been Cork and Kerry but you can see now that there's an awful lot more going on."

Instead, we get:


"Kerry have been the standard bearers for the last number of years," Clare's Gary Brennan begins, "but, certainly in my time, Cork have had a period of dominance before that. But in the last number of years, Kerry have certainly shown the standard."

YouTube's subtitles call Kerry 'standard bears' before coming up with this gem:

We can't even begin to tell you how wrong this one is...

Pin that gem to the dressing room wall lads.

On when Brennan talks about Clare being a 'Jekyll and Hyde' team, it all goes horribly wrong...

Just to confirm, the word 'ejaculate' was NOT mentioned in this preview!

The whole preview is certainly worth a watch and we, of course, recommend it with the subtitles (or Closed Captioning) ON.

Hon Kari!