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12th Nov 2017

WATCH: Niall Morgan takes huge mark, burns two Aussies, picks out glorious pass

Conan Doherty

There’s your modern day goalkeeper now.

Niall Morgan is the only number one to have travelled with the Irish squad for the International Rules series but he could provide cover out the field as well.

The Tyrone man who seemingly just gets better and better with each passing year is so much more than just a shot-stopper. He was the reason they had such range and brilliance from their own kickouts this year as he was able to pick out men from all over the field. He was the one who launched their counter-attacks at times and he was the one talking constantly to Colm Cavanagh and his backline, helping to keep everything in check.

Ireland went down by 10 in the first test on Sunday but there were some positives to take from the performance.

It was the third quarter that undone them again but the Aussies produced more goals, they equalled Ireland’s overs and, as customary, they hit more one-pointers too.

It was convincing enough in the end even if the tie is still alive.

One of the plays of the game was from all the way back at the goalkeeper.

Niall Morgan stopped one of the Aussies’ one-pointers going in behind with quick feet and good hands under pressure. He then put on the afterburners and produced pure, raw speed that you don’t normally see from a goalkeeper before picking out a glorious pass downfield.

We can celebrate those magic pieces of play but it was the Aussies who celebrated what really matters in the end.

It’s only half time though.

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