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01st Dec 2023

Ulster GAA pick sides in hurling league proposal debacle

Lee Costello


The debate continues.

Ulster GAA has picked their side of the argument as the debate continues to rage on about the proposal of cutting smaller counties from the hurling league.

The proposal is to remove five counties – Fermanagh, Cavan, Leitrim, Longford and Louth – from the Allianz Hurling League from 2025.

The thinking behind this idea was that counties with less than five clubs would no longer take part in the league, but will instead receive money to help grow the sport from grassroots.

Not surprisingly this was met with a huge a backlash of anger, particularly from the likes of Cavan and Fermanagh, with many taking the point that without having a flagship team to support and follow, then they will never develop hurling in this counties.

As most of the teams in question are from or near the Ulster province, people were keen to hear where they fall on the side of the argument.

A statement released by Ulster GAA:

“At its November Coisti Bainistí meeting, Ulster GAA unanimously supported the call by our two counties, Fermanagh and Cavan, for the proposals on weaker hurling counties to be rejected.

“Ulster GAA wishes to commend both counties for working diligently with their small base of hurling volunteers to develop sustainable hurling structures and the important steps taken to grow the game with their respective units.

“We acknowledge that this conversation originated to bring to the fore an acceptance for the need to grow the game and ensure its long-term sustainably in weaker counties. Accordingly, the Ulster Hurling Development Committee will take the opportunity to further discussions on hurling resources within the province, to support and to help our counties realise their ambitions.

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