Tipperary star has brilliant idea to help solve all of our GAA highlights gripes 3 years ago

Tipperary star has brilliant idea to help solve all of our GAA highlights gripes

RTÉ must be sick listening to all of us.

They're doing a fine job with a rapid quick turnaround and there's just no way to keep everyone happy. On Sunday, for example, they showed highlights of seven different football games but such was the nature of those last league fixtures that lots of people came away unsatisfied.

Such and such county wasn't covered or that relegation or promotion battle wasn't focused on. To top it all off, they had to go and look at the hurling quarter-finals and relegation play-offs too.

It's really a no-win situation at the minute for Allianz League Sunday because there's simply too much on with too little time.

So some days then you'll get a man like Michael Quinlivan hitting his hat-trick goal, with the last kick of the game, off his bad foot, to get his county promoted... but it won't be shown on the main highlights show at the end of the weekend.

The 2016 football All-Star doesn't care that his feats weren't broadcast and he certainly doesn't blame RTÉ either.

He does, however, have a solution that could keep everyone happy.

"They can't be putting cameras in every county ground around the country, especially for the League Sunday," Quinlivan said in a fascinating interview on The GAA Hour.

"I think it might be about time that they start linking in with a lot of the stats fellas and maybe trying to get videos that way. That would make it a bit more accessible to everyone then, that they can all see them.

"RTÉ can't have them [cameras] in every ground in the country and, whilst it was a big game between us and Armagh, there were other big games around as well.

"I don't really mind about the highlights not being shown, as long as we got the win. That's the only thing that matters really."

In the end, his historic goal did come out but it came from the Tipperary stats men keeping watch. There's be nothing wrong with that footage being shown at the end of the programmes so we're not missing anything.

Listen to the whole Quinlivan interview below (from 1:03:30).