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04th Mar 2023

Peter Canavan thought referee was fair on Dublin despite Paul Flynn’s criticism

Lee Costello

Canavan Flynn

“I thought Sean Hurson had a decent game.”

Former Dublin star Paul Flynn questioned the referee’s decisions during his county’s loss against Derry, but Tyrone legend Peter Canavan was quick to defend the official.

Derry were very poor in the first half scoring just two points, but after an incredible performance, spring boarded by the substitution of Gareth McKinless, they bounced straight back.

The second half was thrilling as the game went end to end, and Niall Toner’s goal meant that their poor first half wouldn’t stop them from going for the win.

Canavan Flynn

They sealed the victory at the very death after a wonderful point from Brendan Rodgers to secure a famous victory for the Oakleafers.

However, before the Slaughtneil man’s score, Derry were awarded a few frees that helped them get back into the game too, with Mick Fitzsimons being sent off in the process.

Speaking on RTÉ Two, Flynn though that some of the referee’s decisions were harsh against his former side, but Canavan quickly weighed in to defend Sean Hurson – the match official on the day – and a fellow Tyrone man.

Canavan Flynn

“I know Paul (Flynn) and a lot of the Dublin supporters are irate leaving the ground here, but I thought Sean Hurson had a decent game.

“In fact, Michael Fitzsimons could have been sent off earlier for a black card or second yellow. He was lucky to be on the pitch at that stage.

Canavan Flynn

“I also thought Conor Glass was very hard done by on that equalising free. Yes a few other calls went against Dublin, but by in large he contributed to a very good game.

“In terms of the finish, in the previous two games Dublin got over the line because of their bench. Jack McCaffrey came on and the difference he made, they didn’t have him there tonight.”

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