Patrick McBrearty came to Jim McGuinness' house after Tyrone defeat 3 months ago

Patrick McBrearty came to Jim McGuinness' house after Tyrone defeat

“That did pull at the heartstrings."

Jim McGuinness has revealed that Patrick McBreaty visited his house following Donegal's disappointing defeat to Tyrone in the All-Ireland championship.


Officially out of the competition, it sealed off a disheartening and frustrating year for Donegal, where off-field problems, injuries, retirements and issues with the manager hampered their performances.

They seemed a long way off the team that mcGuinness lead to the All-Ireland back in 2012, and McBrearty who is now captain of the team, and was a part of that great side over ten years ago, wants to see a return to the glory days.

The sharp shooter was only 17 when McGuinness gave him his debut and he has been soldering for the county ever since, but with time running out, he wanted to make sure that the next man who took charge of the team, was the right man.


Speaking exclusively to the Irish Times, McGuinness reveals that players visited him in Creeslough and that McBreaty even went to his house to talk about the future of Donegal.

“Five of the players arrived in Creeslough the day after the preliminary quarter-final against Tyrone. One of them came down to the house, Patrick [McBrearty, given his championship debut at 18 by McGuinness back in 2011 and with Ryan McHugh and Hughie McFadden one of just three players he has worked with previously], and had a really long chat.

“That did pull at the heartstrings. There was a desire to change things and climb the ladder again and make things different. That emotional part was important.

"Then a few days later there was contact with the whole squad so that was a big part of it. At the end of the day, it’s your own county."

McBrearty got his wish, and mcGuinness is indeed the manager of Donegal once again, so there is a lot of excitement bubbling around the county at the moment.


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