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07th Aug 2016

LISTEN: Typical Kilkenny nervelessness as Brian Cody discusses dramatic finish to drawn All-Ireland semi-final

Mikey Stafford

You don’t easily rattle Brian Cody.

In 82 Championship matches he has seen it all, including 11 All-Ireland titles, 15 Leinsters and a hell of a lot of come-from-behind victories.

Paul Murphy’s last gasp wide saw him fall just short of the win in Croke Park on Sunday, as Kilkenny drew 1-21 to 0-24 with Waterford to set up an All-Ireland semi-final replay in Semple Stadium at 6.45pm on Saturday.

However, considering the dire straits Kilkenny had been in with 15 minutes to go, most Cats fans will happily take the draw.

However Cody has a different idea of dire straits than most. When Waterford reeled off six points in less than 10 minutes to open up a five-point lead most managers might begin to feel a little hot under the collar.

Not Cody.

“It became obvious we needed a goal because whenever we got within a point or two points or three points they picked off some terrific long range points,” said the Kilkenny boss.

“Five points in a game of hurling is very, very little really. Obviously a goal would make in-roads into that and it did. The points were coming so fast and furious,” he added.

Sure enough Walter Walsh and Colin Fennelly combined to prise open the Waterford defence in the 69th minute, with Walsh finishing the ball to the net after playing a one-two with the Ballyhale man.

“We were chasing the game and never really got ahead in it. Probably the first time we weren’t behind was at the final whistle really. It took huge effort to stay in touch.”

And if you let Kilkenny stay in touch Cody will always fancy his team’s chances.

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