Last line of Diarmuid O'Connor’s winning speech sums this Mayo team up 1 year ago

Last line of Diarmuid O'Connor’s winning speech sums this Mayo team up

The wait it is over!

Mayo ended their long running league drought with a four-point win over Kerry in Croke Park. A late goal from Ciarán Treacy ensured that Mayo would secure their first league title since 2001 and captain Diarmuid O'Connor said that the westerners would try their very best to make sure that the league title wouldn't be the only piece of silverware that they leave Croke Park with this year.

"Firstly, I just want to thank Kerry on a great game," O'Connor said from the steps of the Hogan Stand after the game.

"Another huge battle between us, played in good spirits, as it always is. I'm sure you'll be there at the business end of the championship so hopefully we'll be there for another great battle with you so well done, thank you.

"To our own side I just want to thank you. To all our players, to the squad, to the management, to the backroom team, to Elverys, great sponsors for us, I'm just accepting this on behalf of you and I wouldn't be up here without you. Well done lads we'll keep driving on.

"Last but definitely not least, to the Mayo supporters, I don't think you need any introduction but you're unbelievable. Not just the people here today but to the people around the country you support us in everything we do and everything we do, we do it for you so thank you and we'll drive on.

"Now it's just up to us as a squad to make sure this isn't the last time you're celebrating this year and we'll do everything we can to make sure that's the case."

GAA Hour host Colm Parkinson has been a fan of O'Connor's for some time and praised him for his energy and workrate.

"I don't know, if that didn't just sum up Mayo's last seven years in the All-Ireland championship, I don't know what did. He has a great engine. He was all out there.

"He's lying on the ground gasping like there's no air coming into his body, and then a minute later, he's back and you're like how did he recover?"