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20th Aug 2021

Kerry footballer plays keepie uppies with Brazil legend Ronaldinho

Lee Costello

It can be a bit daunting to meet your heroes, but Ronaldinho left his nerves at the door and handled it very well.

As if Tyrone didn’t have it hard enough with all of COVID cases, and the prospect of facing David Clifford, it now looks like former Barcelona and Brazil star Ronaldinho is against them.

You can’t help but picture him in the green and gold of Kerry, playing at half-forward with more dummies than a toddler, but lacking that initiative to track back.

However, away from fantasy land, Kerry’s Paul Walsh has in fact met with the soccer icon, presented him a Kerry jersey, and then participated in a game of keepie uppies.

The pair were pictured together at Ronaldinho’s home in Rio de Janeiro, although it is unconfirmed how the pair arranged such a meet up.

The rumour on social media is that Walsh struck up a rapport with Ronaldinho’s brother via messages on Instagram and the invite followed from there.

The 2018 Minor Player of The Year is truly living the dream, just casually kicking ball with one of the biggest names in sporting history.

Many are wondering if Walsh will return the favour, and invite the former Ballon d’Or winner to The Kingdom sometime.

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