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26th May 2023

Paul Galvin enrages soccer fans with GAA players vs Paul Scholes claim

Lee Costello

Paul Galvin

“I could name a dozen Gaelic footballers who could pass like this.”

Kerry legend Paul Galvin enraged the soccer “experts” of Twitter last night with a Tweet claiming that GAA players could pass like Paul Scholes.

The former All-Star retweeted a compilation clip of Scholes spraying passes in his prime, and although Galvin was impressed, he believed that Gaelic footballers are equally as a capable.

Of course this angered many soccer fans who thought that the Kerry hero was being delusional and overestimating the ability of Gaelic footballers.

“Scholes amazing player but I could name a dozen Gaelic footballers who could pass like this given the same time and space,’ Galvin wrote on social media”, Galvin tweeted.

“Cooper, Connolly, McDonald, McGuigan, S O Neill, Moynihan, Donnellan, Joyce, Fitzmaurice from my era could all pass with this accuracy with even less time and space.

‘”Maybe I should have said retired players but the soccer aficionados know better and own all opinions on the beautiful game.”

After a few hours of back and forth, and many tweets later, Galvin tweeted the point that Gaelic players have much less space and time on the ball.

He then went on to list a number of players who are capable of playing passes as accurate as the Manchester United legend, despite the modern game not affording them much time on the ball.

“Lively debate w/soccer experts last night. Gaelic footballers can pass (from the hand) w/this accuracy, less time & space & more physical contact. Modern game doesn’t allow it but doesn’t mean players can’t do it. Cliffords, Canavans, Walsh, Cluxton, Morgan, Beggan R O Neill.

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