GAA scoreline in Antrim is the weirdest looking thing 3 years ago

GAA scoreline in Antrim is the weirdest looking thing

Cruel efficiency.

The Antrim football league got under way on Wednesday night and Dunloy weren't looking to burn themselves out too quickly.


The club, most famous further afield for its hurlers, picked up the first two points on offer in the Division 2 league but, somehow, they did it without scoring any actual points.

Cuchullains welcomed All Saints a few miles up the road for the opener and it was as tight as you'd expect a local rivalry on the first day out to be but the 11 scores throughout the whole game probably went to different depths.

You see, Dunloy didn't waste any time with white flags and, in fact, they didn't waste too much of their effort for any of the first hour of play either, leaving their last two scores until injury time - 66.6 per cent of their entire scores, to be precise.

Yes, that's right, three goals was all they needed to put the Ballymena opposition to the sword.

Three goals and no points.


Dunloy 3-0 All Saints 0-8

Not one needless piece of energy expended.

Three scores did the trick and it was a late show too, a smash and grab from the hosts who weren't clinging on with a defensive shutout - they won it at the end with their attacking play.


Never has there been a better advertisement for the old saying that goals win games.

And, whatever you might think of it, whatever the hell happened, they have the points on the board and on they go to the next one.


It just might not be to everyone's liking.

At least it was competitive, unlike the most one-sided scoreline from a game in Derry at the start of the season.