Three most common rules referees ignore 9 months ago

Three most common rules referees ignore

"I don't want it to happen in the last minute of an All-Ireland final anyway, I can tell you that."

It's tough being a referee but it's tough being a player too, especially if you're relying on rules being followed.

There are that many grey areas, that many rules that, naturally, the book isn't upheld for every single scenario but, more and more, officials have gotten slack about three instances.

David Gough did his best to talk through each.

Two rules referees don't allow to happen - when they should

  • Striking the ball on the ground

When you have fallen whilst in possession, you are allowed to strike the ball away from you - off the ground - and you can even score whilst doing so.

  • The one-handed hand pass

It's always blown up even though it shouldn't be but Gough, the 2019 All-Ireland final referee, shed some interesting light on the hand pass rule in general.


One rule that referees allow to happen - when they should not

  • Put simply, the Alan Brogan Bounce