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06th Jun 2017

BREAKING: Diarmuid Connolly hit with 12-week ban for Carlow incident

You cannot touch the officials

Mikey Stafford

diarmuid connolly

As it stands, we will not see Diarmuid Connolly again until August.

Once he laid his hand on that linesman in Portlaoise, this was only going to go one way.

By the letter of the law, a “minor interference” with an official would lead to a minimum 12-week suspension.

Connolly put his hand on Ciaran Branagan and angrily gesticulated in his face after a disputed line ball.

After the 12-week bans handed to Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney and Tipperary goalkeeper Evan Comerford for similar infractions, the four-time All-Ireland winner was always likely to receive the same.

The Central Controls and Competition Committee (CCCC) Tuesday evening handed down a 12-week ban for the St Vincent’s man, who will not be available to play for Jim Gavin’s side again until a potential All-Ireland semi-final.

While Dublin tend to canter through Leinster and could possibly survive without their star half-forward for the quarter-final, you can be sure the reigning All-Ireland champions will appeal to the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA).

We have not heard the last of this, not by a long way.

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