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23rd Apr 2023

Damien Comer’s lightening quick reactions kills Roscommon comeback

Lee Costello

Galway 1-13  1-09 Roscommon

Damien Comer’s lightening quick reactions meant that he managed to get the goal that killed off an incredible Roscommon comeback in the Connacht championship.

The first half was a one-sided affair and Comer was right in the thick of it, kicking three points from play and unlucky to not bury a few goal chances.

Galway mixed up their game going forward with lots of running off and shoulder, but also being able to kick it in as well and cause chaos.

Damien Comer

Peter Cooke was very instrumental to everything that was good for Galway in that half, and the Rossies were really struggling to get anything at the other end.

As Davey Burke’s men came out for the second half four points down and knowing that they played poorly, they were like a different team entirely.

Ciaran Murtagh and Enda Smith came to life, and for the opening 15 minutes of the half, they really bullied their opposition, and clawed themselves ahead.

Everyone loves to write off Roscommon but you do so at your own peril and you can see why when Murtagh found himself in acres of space, one on one with the keeper and he opens up his body as though he’s going to go across the goalie, but instead buries it at the near post.

The onslaught didn’t stop there, and Galway were lucky not to concede another goal before they were presented with a fortune opportunity themselves.

A shot for a point smashed off the post and fell right into the hands of the bear in the square, as Comer was stood fully alert to any chance that might fall his way.

With his incredible strength and guile, he managed to win the ball and slip it into the back of the net and it just took the wind out of Roscommon.

Suddenly the huge shift in momentum swung the other direction once more, and Galway were able to control the game better.

Murtagh got Man of the Match, but Comer who kicked 1-4 will feel like he maybe did enough to win it.

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