Conor McManus' outrageous score completely overshadowed umpire's unusual technique 5 years ago

Conor McManus' outrageous score completely overshadowed umpire's unusual technique

That Conor McManus point on Sunday was so good, it made a lot of people miss what the umpire did next.

Yep, Conor McManus has that effect on people. His performance in Monaghan's 1-18 to 1-16 win against Tyrone made your decision (yes, you!) to choose him as the country's greatest full forward look like a very clever one indeed.


In injury time, McManus sold a run then changed direction to peel off his marker. When the hand pass came his way on the right touchline, he had just enough room for a moment of magic. He went for the audacious attempt and nailed it. The commentary really summed up the score.

"That is a point worthy of winning any football match. That is absolutely different class. His first point from play. It hasn't come until injury time, but that is absolutely remarkable."

"God, Thomas. We have just witnessed one of the great championship scores. What a kick!"

That superb score will be fresh in the minds of GAA fans after the weekend. Even if you didn't watch it live, you've probably seen the clip online or on some highlights package. However, what you may have missed, either in real time or in the replays, was the umpire. He played a starring role in the show.


The umpire's unorthodox flag-waving technique didn't go unnoticed. After the game, there was a group, albeit a relatively small group of eagle-eyed viewers who caught the official's actions. Boy did they appreciate it too.