Cliffords kick 3-13 of 4-15 to inspire Fossa to Kerry junior crown 3 weeks ago

Cliffords kick 3-13 of 4-15 to inspire Fossa to Kerry junior crown

Between them, David and Paudie Clifford scored 3-14 out of Fossa's 4-15 as they inspired their club to the Kerry junior football crown.

Listry had been in command, and led by four points with eight minutes to play but that was when the Clifford brothers turned on the style. And like they've done so many times before, they turned this tie upside down.


It was Paudie, lining out at centre back, who scored the game-changing goal in the 57th minute of the game.

He ventured forward to punch a dropping ball into the net and even though Listry regained their lead soon after, it wouldn't take a genius to guess who was about to level things up.

Injury-time was almost up when David Clifford came on the loop down the left wing, but they might as well have went to extra-time there and then when he lined one up off the left boot. It was never going anywhere else.

Watch the video footage of that late, great equaliser courtesy of Clubber below.


From then on, and perhaps unsurprisingly, this Kerry junior football final became the David Clifford show as the Footballer of the Year scored all of his team's 2-3 total in extra-time, taking his tally for the day to 2-12. They went onto win the game by 4-15 to 0-22. David ended the day with the man-of-the-match award and Paudie ended it as the winning captain.

Add this success to their All-Ireland medals, their Allianz League medals their Munster medals, their All-Stars and their Kerry senior club medals and you just have to laugh. That's not to mention All-Stars or Footballer of the Year awards or Sigerson rising stars and we'll just stop ourselves there.


Because there is just no stopping those Clifford boys at the minute.