"I'd never seen anyone do that before" - training ground tales of Bubbles in a League of his own 7 months ago

"I'd never seen anyone do that before" - training ground tales of Bubbles in a League of his own

Former Tipperary manager Michael Ryan has said that John 'Bubbles' O'Dwyer is the most natural hurler he has ever seen.

Ryan won an All-Ireland title with O'Dwyer in 2016 and watched on as the forward blossomed into one of the best attacking threats in the country.

O'Dwyer's talent has been evident for the last number of years but players have noticed a marked improvement in his fitness this season and Ryan hinted that getting him into playing shape was often easier said than done.


"From the first day we saw him step out in the league this year, it was there to be seen," said Ryan at a GAA Hour live show in Thurles.

"He's just a phenomenal player. When he's in that kind of shape where he can, you know, move around the pitch with ease and be a threat from various positions.

"I would absolutely say that he is the most natural hurler I have ever seen. His ability to drift with the line, he's the last man you'd want to see with the ball. Whoever has got to do the work in the middle... if he can be at the end of that move.... you'd almost put your house on something good happening.

"It could be a goal or a point, almost definitely a point, but he's a very strong young fella. You watch his arms and his wrists and he's very strong but it's the whole balance and the whole package.

"He's unique, not many have what Bubbles has."

Former Tipperary forward Lar Corbett recalled a puckaround with O'Dwyer where he was pinging balls around with different hands on top of the hurl with very little difference in the outcome.

"Without a doubt. I remember when Bubbles came on in his first or second year and he'd just be pucking away and he'd have say his left hand on top.

"Then he'd change to his right hand on top. Anyway at all, it didn't make a difference, he was as natural with either hand on top. I'd never seen anyone do that before. His touch was just unreal."