Brolly and Moyles enter war of words over Tyrone's 'new' style of play 3 years ago

Brolly and Moyles enter war of words over Tyrone's 'new' style of play

Joe Brolly has often been accused of being anti-Tyrone. Whether that is correct or not, only Joe knows. We all know he is an entertainer, pandering to the crowd most of the time.

His infamous quote, 'you can forget about Sean Cavanagh as a man' as well as criticism of Mickey Harte's tactics have not endeared Brolly to the Tyrone faithful at times.


However, he was indeed one of the few pundits championing Tyrone's rise throughout the noughties, and he claimed in 2016 that he loved Tyrone and Colm Cavanagh in particular.

The Derry man has been very vocal about Tyrone's perceived negativity, slamming them after their 'one-dimensional' performance against Dublin in last year's semi-final.

That all changed at half-time yesterday when he praised Mickey Harte's change in tactics, claiming they were playing in a more positive nature, one that is needed if you want to beat the All-Ireland champions.

Meath legend Anthony Moyles was quick to pull up Brolly on his perceived notion that Tyrone have become a more attacking side overnight.

Moyles took to Twitter to highlight that this Tyrone side played with the same tactics on Sunday as they did against Meath in the qualifiers back in June.


The Derry All-Ireland winner, as usual, responded in kind to Moyles. He highlighted that the formation used in the semi-final against Monaghan was akin to that of Dublin's, and it gave them a much needed balance.


Brolly continued to defend himself against Moyles' claims that he has not been paying attention to the game, stating that this was something he had been calling on Tyrone to do for some time now.

Brolly believes that if Tyrone are to beat Dublin then they need to play the way they did against the Farney men yesterday. Pressing up on Dublin and going man to man in order to suffocate their attack.


The Red Hand county were slated left, right and centre last year for their insistence on playing in a zonal defence style, and their lack of plan B when things went pear shaped.

It doesn't matter whether Brolly is right and Tyrone have just changed to this style of play overnight, or Moyles is right and they have been doing it right throughout the summer. The truth is that they have adapted their style of play and it has gotten them to an All-Ireland final.

Whether it can topple the Dubs or not is a different story.