"Antrim football needs that lift" - Eamon McGee and Finian Hanley back Antrim in Corrigan Park row 10 months ago

"Antrim football needs that lift" - Eamon McGee and Finian Hanley back Antrim in Corrigan Park row

"It’s a black and white issue."

The first episode of the GAA Hour didn't take long to get its teeth stuck into juicy topics, but one of the most pressing stories in the GAA at the moment is the curious case of Corrigan Park.


Antrim were drawn against Cavan in the Ulster championship, and were also drawn with home advantage, their first home game in the championship in 13 years.

However, Cavan have went to the Ulster Council with a motion stating they want the venue changed, questioning the ground's capacity limits.

Ulster put the motion to a vote that was passed, with all of the counties in favour of the venue change, apart from Tyrone and Derry who voted against it.


New GAA Hour presenter, Darran O'Sullivan,  asked his guest, former Donegal All-Ireland winner, Eamon McGee.

"I’m pro Antrim here. Corrigan Park it is. Again for me, it’s a black and white issue. Corrigan Park is their home ground, play the game in Corrigan Park and it’s as simple as that.

"You can argue the financial aspects of it, Cavan will say they will take so many supporters or whatever, but the fact is, Antrim is their home ground, deal with it. 

"I think you know, my reading of the situation, and I could be totally wrong here, it’s a bit of a stroke being pulled. Cavan are playing Division Four, while Antrim are on a crest of a wave.


"They want to take any advantage. For me, if I’m a Cavan delegate, and I’m taking that to Ulster and say we want the game somewhere else that can hold a larger capacity, I would nearly be embarrassed, to be honest with you. 

"I get the aspect where it’s coming from the players or it’s coming from the Cavan football team, because of the advantage, but anything else, I’m embarrassed to be taking that to the Ulster Council."

Former Galway defender Finian Hanley was also on the show, and he echoed the same concerns as McGee.

"I agree with Eamon, definitely, you know, let them have the game, in regards to the FA cup and stuff, like take it away from Salford who are playing Man City and they can’t play... you know what I mean?

"It would be a great atmosphere up there and Antrim football needs that lift, they’ve got the second biggest population in the country like we need Antrim football back, up and running.


"I know everyone wants to see it back doing well, so whatever lift they need or they want, or whatever help that they can get, and this is obviously a big deal to them so I hope they make a stance. I hope they get it over the line."