Aaron Kernan, Brendan Devenney and Colm Parkinson make their official All-Ireland final predictions 2 years ago

Aaron Kernan, Brendan Devenney and Colm Parkinson make their official All-Ireland final predictions

"The gut feeling isn’t working for me."

Up and down the country today people are making their predictions for tomorrow's All-Ireland final between Tyrone and Mayo.


Unless you are from either of these counties, it's almost impossible to split them. Even those native to the teams involved would have to admit that it is a very close one to call.

Speaking on the GAA Hour, former Donegal legend Brendan Devenney takes the plunge and makes his call.

"I have a slight wee, wee feeling for Mayo, but every day it changes. If you ask me tomorrow it would probably be Tyrone, but for now I’m going to go for Mayo."

Former Armagh star, Aaron Kernan was of a similar way of thinking.


"Like, you’re so foolish to write off a Tyrone team in what’s going to be an out and out battle. 

"But I don’t know, there’s just something in me that thinks this is Mayo’s year. No logic, no nothing, just a feeling in your gut, that’s what I’m going to run with. 

"It’s as complex as that."

However, the most torn out of all of them had to be Colm Parkinson, who explains why this is such a difficult call to make.

"The feeling in your gut is the pure madness of Mayo, with all the retirements, all the All-Ireland final playing players, who are legends in Mayo.


"Massive All-stars, losing Cillian O’Connor, Aidan O’Shea is captain. How many people would it sicken to see Aidan O’Shea lift Sam Maguire, you know? 

"Aidan O’Shea would be the one to break the curse, because he’s much maligned outside of Mayo, and completely unfairly. 

"All those things are making me think that, that madness, it’s going to be Mayo’s year.

"Then I look at Tyrone, and look who they’ve beaten. Like these lads are just, you know, they’re on a different level when it comes to an All-Ireland final.


"It’s very hard to break Tyrone, they’ve a great full forward line, I think they could get goals, and like I mean, after all the madness of the Tyrone year.

"Like, wouldn’t you say no other county but Tyrone could have won that bloody All-Ireland, beating Monaghan, Donegal, Kerry, Mayo, after having a COVID scare?

"They also beat Cavan, reigning Ulster champions, and you’d say there’s 2008 all over again, where it’s nearly the hardest All-Ireland that’s ever been won, and on Monday we would be going ‘Jesus Christ Tyrone, like how can you beat that,’ you know?

"I don’t know.

"So for me, I have a gut feeling on both, so the gut feeling isn’t working for me. I don’t know what’s working for me.


"My gut doesn't work, my analysis I can’t come down on it, it’s a draw, I’m going for a draw.