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08th Jul 2021

“Whoever they are, they’re an idiot, him or her” – Even English media disgusted by laser

Charlie Herbert

No one wants to see this.

Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel was being targeted with a laser pen as Harry Kane stepped up to take the winning penalty in the Euro 2020 semi final on Wednesday.

In footage shared by users on Twitter, a green light can clearly be seen on Schmeichel’s face, as a member of the crowd clearly tries to distract the goalie.

Despite this, the Leicester goalkeeper was still able to save Kane’s penalty, although was not able to hold onto the ball, allowing the England striker to tap in the rebound and score the goal that took England to the final on Sunday.

Whilst fans may be divided over whether a penalty should have been awarded in the first place or not, there can be no debate about the fact that shining a laser pen in someone’s eye is a shameful thing to do.

England fans have joined others in condemning the actions of the person in question. Aside from the fact that it’s an incredibly unsporting thing to do, it’s also just plain dangerous.

Some have been calling for the fan to be found, identified and punished as a result.

Journalist Kevin Maguire labelled the fan a “dangerous idiot,” with another fan saying that the person who shone the laser pen is a “disgrace” to fans at Wembley.

Meanwhile, ex-footballer Stan Collymore said that the fan wants “banning for life.”

During the post-match coverage on ITV, host Mark Pougatch said the incident was “completely unacceptable and ridiculous.”

He said: “Look, someone’s got a laser pen in the stands. Whoever they are, they’re an idiot, him or her.

“We can just hope it didn’t put Kasper Schmeichel off.”

Only Kasper Schmeichel will know how much the laser distracted him. But whether it did or didn’t, the so-called ‘fan’ who decided to shine a laser in his eye before one of the biggest moments of his footballing career should be punished for his behaviour.

Meanwhile, some fans have noticed that there was actually a second ball on the pitch as Sterling ran into the box and won the penalty that took England to the final.

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