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07th Nov 2015

We doubt Rio Ferdinand will have any use for his birthday gift from Robbie Savage

Straight onto eBay

Robert Redmond

It’s Rio Ferdinand’s 37th birthday today.

The former Manchester United defender was on BT Sports show Fletch and Sav, and the presenters kindly marked their guest’s birthday.

However, what do you get a millionaire former professional footber? Well host Robbie Savage thought it would be hilarious to give Rio a copy of his new autobiography, I’ll Tell You What…

Rio called the book a ‘sleeping tablet’, and judging by this extract from the book, he may be right.

“Having shorter hair certainly took some getting used to,” Savage writes. “I got in the shower, reached for the shampoo, and before I knew it, I was done!”

“I don’t really follow fashion, I create it.”

The Guardian have published nine other anecdotes from the book, be warned though, once you’ve read them, they can’t be unseen.

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