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03rd Apr 2017

We’ll probably never know why this Bundesliga substitute squirted so much water on his plums

What's to be gained here exactly?

Darragh Murphy

Stretching out the hamstrings is for chumps.

The real best way to get warmed up ahead of taking to the pitch is through the use of some high quality H2O.

But don’t drink it. Heavens no! That would be absolutely stupid.

Mainz’s Giulio Donati is ahead of the curve when it comes to warm-up methodology and he showed off his patented pants-drencher when he came on for his side on Sunday afternoon.

With the scores finely poised at 0-0, Mainz boss Martin Schmidt called upon his trusty right back as the second half got started.

But Donati is not going to risk an injury by simply sprinting on to the playing surface. That’s how seasons are cut short.

Instead, the Italian pulled open his shorts and took a healthy squirt of water right to the balls.

Unfortunately the old wet penis trick didn’t work this time as Mainz succumbed to a 2-1 defeat to Ingolstadt.

So consider that, kids.

Pouring water directly on to your privates doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get the result you want.

You live, you learn.