VIDEO: This collection of great football commentary is brilliant 7 years ago

VIDEO: This collection of great football commentary is brilliant

Close your eyes and enjoy

Sports commentators are mere mortals, but when a group of men take to the field for a game strange things can sometimes happen, and impartiality can be left at the door. It's bloody brilliant, and it's half the reason people at GAA games used to bring little pocket radios to hear the legendary descriptions of Micheal O'Muircheartaigh.


Our love for radio and TV commentators knows no bounds here at SportsJOE, and the guys at EightByEight share our love so much that they have put together a list of some of the greatest moments of football commentary ever.

They've selected their best seven and frankly we're a bit disappointed that Jimmy Magee's 'different class' for the 1986 Maradona wonder goal against England isn't included. Also failing to make the list is George Hamilton's now amazing tension filled description of the 1990 World Cup shoot-out against Romania.

Despite these scandalous (not actually scandalous) omissions the list is pretty good, with some gems like the Liverpool-Arsenal title decider at Anfield in 1989 making the cut. You hardly need reminding that Michael Thomas broke Liverpool hearts as they lost the title in the very last minute when the midfielder broke onto a pass from Alan Smith. Cue Brian Moore with one of the famous lines of football commentary ever.


Also on the list is the now infamous Norwegian commentary by Bjorge Lillelien as the home side beat England in the 1981 European qualifying clash. This is the greatest two-fingers ever given to any team or county via commentary.  Whether he had it rehearsed or whether it all just popped into his head we're not sure, but either way it's pure class. You may not even know who half the people are but it doesn't matter, hear the passion, the anger and the pride. You'd kind of half want to be a bit Norwegian after it.

One of the best goals of all time inspired one of the greatest moments of modern day commentary. Dennis Bergkamp was a class act and it's understandable when Jack van Gelder lost his nut describing this priceless match winner for the Netherlands when they beat Argentina in the 1998 World Cup.  Anybody who has ever seen an magic piece of skill knows exactly how Jack felt as the non-flying Dutchman showed off the best first touch of all time:


There's no room for Martin Tyler's Sergio Aguerooooooo moment in 2012 while also missing out is commentary on Robbie Keane's goal to equalise  against Germany in 2002 from John Motson:

Read the full list at EightbyEight