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30th Jun 2021

Stormzy keeps promise and shows up at house party after England win

Danny Jones


He’s never too big for his boots

Last night has already gone down as one of the most memorable nights in England‘s football history, having beat Germany in a competitive game for the first time since 1966. For a few England fans in Croydon, their night had an even more unbelievable end.

The BOXPARK in Croydon was absolutely popping; as footage of the limbs at different locations around the country were shown on BBC, ITV and, pretty much everywhere else, the south London spot looked to be one of the best places to be for the game.

Let’s face it, for England supporters, anywhere was the best place to be.

As you can see in the compilation below, a certain rapper by the name of Stormzy can be seen joining in among the celebration, wearing number seven, ‘Grealish’, on his back – his favourite player.

In his element, so he was.

Now, whilst it is charming enough to see him amongst it with the rest of the punters, what is even more heart-warming is the story that follows these scenes.

No, not just the win itself – though we will bask in it for as long we can – we’re talking about the fact that a group of fans approached Stormzy during the game as asked him if he would like to come back round to theirs for a few celebratory cans if England won.

Well, they did and he followed up on his promise.

Stormzy has always come across as a very down to earth guy but this is absolutely lovely. Imagine going out with your mates and then going back to the after-party only to sing ‘Football’s Coming Home’ with Stormzy in the back garden.

It’s moments like this that show you just how unifying football can be at its best. We all love spotting a celebrity from time to time but what makes this so special is that everyone was on the same joyous buzz.

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