Stephen Ireland delivers a grim prediction for Liverpool's season 2 months ago

Stephen Ireland delivers a grim prediction for Liverpool's season

"The manager looks a bit beat up."

Stephen Ireland has delivered a pretty grim prediction for Liverpool this season, and appears to be more hopeful than most that Chelsea will turn things around.


The former Ireland international has been assessing the opening three games, and made some pretty bold predictions based on what he's seen so far.

Although some might find it harsh, particularly Liverpool fans, and Jurgen Klopp, they aren't as wild as you might have expected them to be.

Speaking exclusively to LadBrokes, the ex Man City star reveals who he thinks will finish where, and why.


"I've got Man City down to win the title. Then I think Arsenal will finish just behind them, followed by Chelsea," Ireland exclusively told Ladbrokes Fanzone.

"And then I think I'd put Man United in the top four with them - even though I don't think they're especially great right now. Then I'd probably go with Newcastle in fifth, and Spurs in sixth.

"That's how I see the top six looking, then maybe Liverpool in seventh. I just think they're terrible at the moment.

"I just can't see anything more than seventh or eighth for them; I just don't see them being that strong this season. I feel like there's a lot of negativity in the club right now.

"The manager looks a bit beat up, as if this has become a harder job than he would've wanted it to be. I'm not expecting anything special from Liverpool this season.


"The only thing they've got going for them at the moment is that they can kick on from that comeback win against Newcastle last weekend, and maybe that will see them through the next few weeks, but over the course of the season, things just don't look good, in my opinion."

Liverpool have won two and drawn one of their three games so far this season, but the real problem is the lack of the depth in their squad.

With seven players leaving over the summer and only three coming in so far, they are undoubtedly lacking in certain areas.


However, with the transfer window still open for three more days, they might yet turn things around.

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