Soccer Saturday panel predict Jurgen Klopp will "walk away at the end of the season" 9 months ago

Soccer Saturday panel predict Jurgen Klopp will "walk away at the end of the season"

"Jurgen can't be immune to criticism."

The Soccer Saturday panel discussed Liverpool's misfortune and even made the prediction that Jurgen Klopp will "walk away at the end of the season."


Paul Merson believed that selling Sadio Mane was the catalyst of the Reds' downfall, while Tim Sherwood thinks it was the departure of Michael Edwards.

Liverpool have had a dreadful season to date, and with injuries piling up it doesn't look like things will be getting better any time soon.

Jurgen Klopp

Next up is the Merseyside derby against Everton on Monday night, and although the toffees have been struggling, they have found a new lease of life under Sean Dyche.


"I think the writing on the wall was when Michael Edwards left that football club, I woodier why he was leaving, I have no idea why he did," said Sherwood.

"I just feel that it's crumbled since he's left and it's no coincidence, the recruitment has been poor since he's left the football club as a sporting director.

Jurgen Klopp

"He was the man who was bringing in the players, the Jotas, who is going to be fit soon, Luis Diaz is going to be fit, so hopefully that gives them a lift. "


Sherwood then went on to reveal that he believes Klopp will walk away at the end of the season.

"Jurgen can't be immune to criticism. You're absolutely right Merse (Paul Merson) he is one of the best managers we have ever seen in the Premier League, we love him, but he hasn't got the best out of his team.

"I know they had injuries, but he needs his team to compete with the Man City, and Arsenals of this world,  but he's losing games against lower league teams.

"It's the manner of the defeats, it's not good enough and he has to get the best out of them at the moment, and he has to address it.


"I think he walks away at the end of the season, I really do believe that. He's un-sackable in my opinion. He's done brilliantly, but he looks tired."

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