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30th Mar 2024

“It worked quite well”- Scott Brown explains why he shaved his head during his Celtic days

Lee Costello

Scott Brown

“The media team were not happy with me.”

Celtic legend Scott Brown has revealed why he always shaved his head during his playing days, and no, it wasn’t because of male pattern baldness.

The Celtic hero famously rocked the bald look as he captained his club to multiple honours, and the look did go well with his all-action no-nonsense style of playing.

If you Google the combative midfielder, chances are you will see images of him squaring up against El Hadji Diouf, or celebrating in front of the Rangers fans, all with the same menacing grin and bulging eyes that lets his opponents know he means business.

Now however, the Scotland native is sporting a full head of hair, that got fans thinking he might have got a hair transplant since retiring from football. Speaking to BBC Scotland though, Brown confirms that it is his own hair.

“It’s 100 per cent all my hair. If you want to touch it, feel free

“(I did it) to intimidate people. It worked quite well if I’m honest. During Covid the kids asked if I actually did have hair and I wasn’t 100 per cent sure if I actually could grow it or if I had a receeder.

“So I thought ‘we’ll give it eight, nine weeks’, and it started to grow. I always had really thick, Brillo pad hair. No style to it whatsoever but it just grows out like a tennis ball.

“I ended up getting my first pictures going back to Celtic after Covid. Got the pictures with hair and then shaved it for the first game.

“So you can imagine the media team were not happy with me.”

As far as footballing mysteries go, it is hardly one of the more hard hitting ones, but it certainly does satisfy those who were wondering about Brown’s new luscious locks and why they didn’t make an appearance during his playing days.

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