Roy Keane's lays into two English stars for standing back from the shoot-out 1 year ago

Roy Keane's lays into two English stars for standing back from the shoot-out

Roy Keane often says what he sees, sometimes with the result of online criticism and puzzled looks from his fellow pundits. His criticism of 'Penalty-gate' last night seems to have hit the sweet spot with fans who are also on the same page.


In his scathing monologue, the former Manchester United player did not stutter as he placed Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish in the firing line.

Neither Grealish nor Sterling stepped up to take penalties. Despite being capable, 19-year-old Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford, and Jadon Sancho missed their penalties and sealed Italy's victory in Euros 2020. Keane has criticised those who stood back knowing they had more experience than those in the firing line:

"If you're Sterling or Grealish, you can't sit there and have a young kid walk up ahead of you," Keane blasted on ITV. "You can't sit there and see a young kid, 19, shy, and I've played a lot more football than him, a lot more games, a lot more experience.


"Sterling, who has won trophies, I'm not saying he wasn't prepared - Gareth might have been thinking you're sixth or seventh - you can't sit there, that must be hard to take.

"You've got to say to these young kids, 'listen, I'll step up before you'."

Fans on Twitter are supporting Keane's statement:

"Bang on from Roy Keane, Sterling or Grealish shd have taken pen ahead of Saka!" Writes one disappointed fan.


"Why didn’t the wonderful Grealish take one??"

"Not the players fault that’s on Southgate, it’s his selection. I’d rather us leave it to the players on the day to decide who’s having one because the real confident takers can step up instead of putting so much pressure on younger players who’ve never experienced such pressure"

Despite last nights hugely disappointing result, the Three Lions have performed tremendously well throughout the tournament.