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27th Jun 2021

Roy Keane talking about Ronaldo and De Bruyne was so pure

Patrick McCarry

Roy Keane

For those that claim Keane is an old-school, ‘not enough passion’ merchant, just listen to him speak about quality footballers.

There are three things that truly make the eyes of Roy Keane sparkle – Ian Wright, Micah Richards and pure ballers.

Many complain about Keane opining, in his various punditry gigs, about players needing to try harder, or needing a half-time straightener. However what is often neglected is his love of good, simple footballers. Players that demand the ball and make things happen.

On the ITV beat for the Euro 2020 clash between Portugal and Belgium, Keane was asked for his takes on playmakers Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin de Bruyne.

To hear him talk about both players was so pure. You can tell how much joy he gets out of watching the greats play football the way it is supposed to be played. First up was de Bruyne.

“Even when he receives the ball, he is always in control. He always has a picture in his mind.

“It reminds me of Paul Scholes a little bit; sometimes, players get the ball and you think, ‘What am I going to do next?’

“They already have a plan. They are two or three moves ahead.”

Next up was Ronaldo, a player Keane has already said he was lucky enough to play with for a couple of season at Manchester United.

“He’s the most intelligent player I have seen in my life,” Keane began.

“Obviously I’m not going back to 50s and 60s but the guy loves scoring goals.

“His intelligence is amazing, how he plays the game, he doesn’t get involved in build-up player but he’s got that trickery and arrogance which you need from the great players. The brain, the intelligence of the man, how he’s done it in different countries, how he’s looked after himself off the pitch as well.

“I can’t praise the man enough, he’s an absolute genius, I love watching him. Just the brain he’s got, the cleverest player ever.”

“He’s shown it at the highest competition and his desire to compete,” the former Ireland captain added. “He always wants more and to score the goals.

“To have this sort of desire year after year, week after week that is why he’s the best player in the world. The determination to score the goals. I don’t know any other players who have this hunger to get into the box to score goals.’

“The money the guy’s made in football he’s probably made 6, 7, £800 million… He’s still showing that hunger. Scoring a goal is the hardest thing in football. He does it for fun.’

In his element.


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