Jason McAteer rips into "clown" Roy Keane in savage response to Overlap comments 3 weeks ago

Jason McAteer rips into "clown" Roy Keane in savage response to Overlap comments

"You can’t shut the clown up now."

Jason McAteer has ripped into "clown" Roy Keane, in a savage to response to comments that the former Man United star made on the Overlap.


During this episode of Stick to Football, Gary Neville was running through all of Keane's red cards in his career, and they came across a particularly famous incident between himself and McAteer, when the midfielder was red carded for throwing an elbow.

"He deserved that," replied Keane bluntly, when Neville read aloud the offence.

Neville continued: "He was your Irish teammate and colleague..."


"I wouldn't go that far," Keane interjected.

"Were you mates or not?" asked Jill Scott. "Absolutely not," replied the Sky Sports pundit. "Just because you play with someone doesn't mean you're mates. Do you know what, he was one of these players who shout their mouths off.

"I didn't mind lads kicking me or booting me, honestly, but McAteer as usual had plenty to say for himself. But even then, I didn't deserve to be sent off in that game, absolutely not.

"If you look back on it, I didn't even catch him."


Jason McAteer rips into "clown" Roy Keane in savage response to Overlap comments

The feeling is clearly mutual between the two, because McAteer took to 'X' formerly known as Twitter, and delivered a savage response of his own, and even refers back to the infamous Saipan debacle.

"Love it. Players shouting their mouths off !!! Funny You can’t shut the clown up now.


"And no we weren’t team-mates cause he never showed up and when he did he went home !!!! Please !!!!! Bore off."

This isn't the first time that the ex Liverpool and Sunderland star shared his thoughts on his former Ireland teammate.

Speaking with The Big Interview earlier this year, McAteer relived the 'elbow incident' himself and gave his version of events as he saw it.


"As we get into our later careers I knew what button to press to wind him up. I just knew how to get to him. I think that Sunderland - Man United game I got in his head. I really got in his head.

"Like I said it was all about winning. I said a few things to him to gain an advantage. I gained that advantage. I set the equaliser up and he ended up elbowing me in the side of the head and getting himself sent off.

"I walked off smiling and felt like the job was done."

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