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21st Dec 2023

“I was just asking!” – Roy Keane challenges Ian Wright over common Home Alone mistake

Patrick McCarry

“It’s like Christmas and families falling out. Everything was great an hour ago. Now, look at this!”

Recent polls, in Ireland and the UK, revealed Home Alone is the No.1 Christmas favourite in this part of the world. Roy Keane is a fan, too, but he sometimes gets his Home Alones mixed up.

Macaulay Culkin starred as Kevin McCallister in the first two [and best] incarnations of Home Alone. The first movie, released in 1990, saw him left at home by his family as they rushed off on a winter holiday. The sequel saw history repeat itself, with poor Kevin stranded in New York this time.

As part of a festive Christmas cracker quiz, on Stick to Football, Ian Wright asked the panel – “In Home Alone 1, where are the McAllisters going when they leave Kevin?”

“The first one? What city were they going to? asked Keane.

Jamie Carragher interjected and threw out the New York destination, in the sequel, that threw the former Manchester United and Ireland captain. “New York was the second one,” declared Keane, as he sought clarity and, in doing so, frustrated Wright.

JILL SCOTT: Yeah, Lost in New York…

ROY KEANE: Was the second one, yeah. I’m just asking!

IAN WRIGHT: I said Home Alone 1. That’s the second one…

ROY KEANE: Just checking! It’s like Christmas and families falling out. Everything was great an hour ago. Now, look at this!

Roy Keane appreciates Jill Scott gag

Jill Scott ended up guessing, correctly, that the McAllisters were off to Paris, France in the first Home Alone.

In fairness to Keane and Carragher, who were having trouble with the question, there are so many memorable moments from the sequel that it is hard to get the two Culkin-fronted versions mixed up.

Earlier in the show, the former Manchester City and England midfielder had the panel in stitches when she received a stuffed ‘Roy Keane’ doll as part of a Secret Santa. As she hugged the doll, Scott remarked:

“This will be the only time I go to bed with a dick!”

Roy Keane

As the laughter died down, a grinning Keane joked, “You could’ve said big [dick]!”

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