Rhodhri Giggs thinks brother Ryan will get a laugh out of Paddy Power ad 6 months ago

Rhodhri Giggs thinks brother Ryan will get a laugh out of Paddy Power ad

Rhodri Giggs, brother of former Manchester United winger and current Wales manager Ryan, believes his elder sibling will eventually find Paddy Power's new rewards club ad funny.

The advert, directed by Peter Cattaneo, best known for Oscar-nominated film The Full Monty, pokes fun at Giggs' eight-year long affair with Rhodri's ex-wife Natasha Giggs.

The ad depicts Rhodri's connection to numerous facets in his life and consistently underlines the notion that loyalty ultimately counts for nothing.

The advert was very well-received and Rhodhri thinks his brother Ryan will come to see the funny side of the concept.


“I’m sure, after the initial defensiveness, he’ll have a laugh about it. It’s funny," Rhodhri told Paddy Power.

“The whole thing is just me poking fun at the situation because I’m over it. I’m not in the dark place I was years ago, I’ve moved on, he’s moved on, my ex-wife has moved on.”

Rhodhri told The Daily Star last weekend that he initially struggled with the revelation of his brother's affair but that he would be open to speaking to his sibling again if he picked up the phone.

"Ryan apologised a month or two months after the story came out," Rhodhri added.

“It was a bit of a struggle at first, but he was over in Spain, when he came back we chatted. We didn’t go into detail to be honest, just ‘obviously he wasn’t thinking’, blah, blah blah.

“He said all the right things, but it was a matter of action and it was all words."

He added of a potential conversation between the two: "“It’s not me asking him to do that. But if he did, get on with it, it may not work out, it may do.”