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02nd Apr 2024

Pep Guardiola has hilarious response to viral Jack Grealish exchange

Callum Boyle

Guardiola is box office.

Pep Guardiola couldn’t resist making a sarcastic – but hilarious – comment about his recent exchange with Jack Grealish.

Cameras caught the two speaking to each other shortly after the final whistle in Manchester City’s 0-0 draw against Arsenal.

As is customary, Guardiola isn’t one to shy away from telling his players where they can improve in the public eye and Grealish was the latest to receive some passionate advice.

Some people criticised the Catalonian for his grilling of Grealish’s performance, citing that he had missed a lot of the season due to injury.

Guardiola issues sarcastic response.

Ahead of his side’s game against Aston Villa on Wednesday, Guardiola was asked about the recent exchange with Grealish and he jokingly claimed that he only speaks to his players while the camera are on him to inflate his ego.

He said: “I do it for the cameras and my ego.

“I need the cameras to sleep with incredible satisfaction.

“I always try to criticise players there and let them know how bad they are.

“Especially when Erling scores three, cameras have to be on me.”

Title out of Man City’s hands?

For the first time in what feels like a long time, this isn’t a title that lies in the hands of Man City.

Without question, they’ve been one of the best sides in the world and more often than not, have walked to the league title.

However Sunday proved that there is more than one dog in this title fight – two to be exact. 

Both Liverpool and Arsenal sit above the reigning champions but have no games in hands. They actually have to rely on sides dropping points in oder to lift the title. 

Liverpool have shown multiple times this season that they can recover from setbacks and defy the odds, even when not firing on all cylinders.

Arsenal meanwhile are one year older and wiser after last year’s title capitulation and lose to City at all this campaign. 

All three have nine games left to end the season top and for the first time in a long time, it feels like we have an actual title race on our hands. Bring it on.

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