Pep Guardiola mocks Steven Gerrard in bizarre press conference rant 7 months ago

Pep Guardiola mocks Steven Gerrard in bizarre press conference rant

"Was that our fault?"

Pep Guardiola mocks Steven Gerrard in a bizarre rant at a press conference when he was asked about the allegations made against Manchester City.


The blue half of Manchester have been hit with 155 allegations of financial misconduct, with some suggesting that any of the titles they have won since 2009 should be stripped off them.

One name that nobody expected him to bring up was Gerrard, but it was in reference to his infamous slip against Chelsea in 2014 that cost Liverpool the league and meant City lifted it instead.

Guardiola Gerrard

“Some moments belong to us - they absolutely belong to us regardless of the sentence," said Guardiola.


“The goal from Aguero, when Balotelli slipped? I don’t know if we are responsible for Steven Gerrard slipping at Anfield. Was that our fault? I have respect for Steven Gerrard - but that moment belongs to us.

“The moments that we lived these years together, the Premier League will decide…but I know what we won and the way we won it. I know the effort we put in. If something happened in 2009 or 2010 it is not going to change one second."

Guardiola Gerrard

The former Barcelona boss went on to accuse other teams of jealousy because of his side's recent trophy collecting success.


“That (jealousy) is part of the sport. When you’re a winning team and people want to beat you, it’s nice. But some teams want to be in Champions League positions for the big stadiums they have built.

“But we have won. If they doubt us, that’s okay. They have their suspicions? That’s okay. But there are lawyers, so wait. They (the Premier League) did not wait, not one second.


“Our reputation has already been damaged. In the case with UEFA, we were in the same position and did it change anything? Absolutely not.”

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